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The BooKnack, a South Carolina company, can provide you with bulk orders of books for your classrooms,  literacy programs, and library at a discount. Your order will be shipped directly to your door.


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  • We have been serving our local community for decades!

  • Easy ordering of any book title over the phone using only the ISBN number. No specialty ordering codes to remember or lookup!

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We are already saving other schools (including public schools, private schools, and more) in South Carolina thousands of dollars per year on their book orders. Why shouldn’t your school be one of them?

The BooKnack

We are the BooKnack, a new and used bookstore located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. As a family-owned and locally operated business, we have a vested interest in cultivating lasting relationships with all of our customers! The BooKnack has a long-standing tradition of providing North and South Carolina schools with the materials they need each school year. Affiliated with the two largest book distributors in the world, we have access to thousands of books your school may need. Our working relationships with these distributors ensure that we can get the materials you need at a great price. As our customer, you are assured a guaranteed discount on every purchase for your classroom, school or district. On top of a significant educator discount, every order of 50 items or more can be delivered to your door at absolutely no cost!

We are in the unique position of offering a very personalized buying experience for each customer, whether we are serving individuals or school districts. As the largest independently-owned bookstore in the South East, our personal touch is backed by years of experience and access to millions of titles. We understand the unique challenges that educators face. For many schools, these challenges include time limitations on ordering and receiving supplies, end of semester and end of year budget concerns, as well as the need for reliable sources for the constantly evolving landscape of educational requirements and materials. We’ve met the challenge and exceeded all of our customers’ expectations for years… why not allow us to do the same for you?